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VED – Spectra

VED – Spectra

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Artist: VED
Title: Spectra
Label: Adrian Recordings, Lugnet Records, Psychic Malmö
Catalogue: ar12” 152
Format: 12” Vinyl
Release date: 2013

Track listing:
1. Spectra
2. Starokórokas

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Listening to VED on Spectra rouses the imagination. Mental pictures of the free loft scene in New York, a smoky rock bar in Istanbul, Polanski's feverish dreams, late Oriental beach parties and Don Cherry’s cabin in the Swedish countryside all pop up and flicker by. You come to realize that they’ve done this record in their small and bleak home town of Malmö, right here in the part of town called Möllevången. A concrete and tiny spot on the map of Sweden, but a place that has given them a chance to form their own unique universe. A universe that seems endless, created from fragments of the past and present, where you can hear echoes of places that might never have even existed.

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