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Felicia Nielsen - Mors dag

Felicia Nielsen - Mors dag

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Artist: Felicia Nielsen
Title: Mors dag
Label: Noshörning Records 
Catalogue: NOS006
Format: 12” Black vinyl
Release date: 2023-02-19

Felicia Nielsen; Swedish pianist, composer, lyricist and play write in groups such as Pombo and Kräftan within the jazz and experimental music scene, based in Stockholm. "One day I found a grand piano with a broken leg in an abandoned cafe. A container was waiting outside. It was a Malmsjö grand piano from 1914 with a special sound. I rescued it and a few years later I moved it to an accordion workshop. During the autumn I dedicated myself to exploring the grand piano, how its sound was colored with different preparations. I recorded some pieces with the grand piano guiding me. What did it want to say?"

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