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Bongo Riot - Bongo Riot!

Bongo Riot - Bongo Riot!

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Artist: Bongo Riot
Title: Bongo Riot!
Label: BlackValley Records
Format: 12” White vinyl

"Bongo Riot GBG is the unholy alliance between percussion (Finn Björnulfson), drums (Labbe Grimelund) and electronic elements. Their ambition is to bridge the musical gap between Rio, Manchester and Gothenburg by creating a positive rhythm based riot. They have played together for more than 20 years with one of Sweden’s most popular artists Håkan Hellström and are two of Sweden’s best and most experienced live musicians. Musically the duo moves almost limitlessly and unrestrained between Manchester-disco, indie-samba, houzy-afro, and has been compared to Basement Jaxx and Safri Duo. Their debut EP “Bongo Riot!” is now finally released as a 12" vinyl, and if you are longing for something extraordinary, be sure not to miss this musical explosion of energy.

White vinyl, limited edition of 300 copies. This record was released with support from Kulturrådet."

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